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Finding Freedom: Kamal's Story

I was born in Mosul in Iraq in July 1938. I complete my college in Baghdad in 1962.  I study economics and business.  My first job was account manager for a medicine company, then for electric company in Baghdad.  My last job was account manager in Pepsi Company in Mosul 2004-2007.

My wife was born in Iraq on May 16, 1952. We married in 1977 in Mosul.  We have four children, three daughters and one son.

 We decided to come to America because the terrorists want to kill my daughter because she worked with the U.S. Army.  In September 2009 me and my family come to Fort Worth.  One of my daughters has two children.  The two others are married.  One of them married a American man in Erbil in 2008.  Now they live in Tyler.  The other daughter and husband returned to Erbil.  They have one boy, one year old.  Our son is in college studying computers and working at Walmart. 

When we came to Fort Worth, my English was not good, and we learn at Southcliff Church ESL the English till now. Then in 2014 me and my wife study the citizenship course.  Then we take citizenship test in Irving and become citizens.

We came to America because we need to live free. We can pray now in English, and every Sunday we go to Saint Peter's Church for the mass.  We learn everything about America.  From 2010 to 2014 we travel to Washington, D.C., California, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Canada.  My family is free, and we are happy in America.

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