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Wrapping Up 2018-2019 Academic Year

Another year just completed of volunteers meeting students from all over the world—teaching and serving in many capacities—and students being successful in learning and improving their English and having a good time doing it.

This year we had a total of 405 adults, 62 young people, and 155 children enrolled. Our highest attendance was 365. These students came from 53 countries and spoke 42 different languages. A “melting pot” gathered each Tuesday night, all with the intent of learning English.

John, our director, is never content with the status quo. At the end of each year he identifies goals for the next year and asks us to pray for God to help us achieve them. This year’s prayer requests were for God to:

1. Raise up new volunteers (80 regular) 

2. Bring us students (300 regular) 

3. Provide leadership for all classes 

2. Provide wisdom for retention practices

God has always been faithful to answer our prayers.

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